Nestlewood High Hopes “Heidi” ALAA-043927

Heidi is part of the new American lines we are incorporating into our breeding program to ensure genetic diversity in our program. Heidi is out of Jackndoodle Ranch Goldie Hawn, who we co-own with our friends Heather & Randy of Blueberry Cottage Labradoodles in Wisconsin and Tango Wool Brahms Capriccio who is from our friend, Marci at Tango Wool Labradoodles in Massachusetts. Heidi lived with us until she was 6 months old when she went to her wonderful guardian home who adore her. She completed training with flying colors and our trainer said Heidi was such a well balanced puppy, that she was tempted to keep her! Heidi is smart, agile, friendly, social, easy going and cuddly. She is great with all people and animals and is a wonderful asset to our breeding program. Heidi is a medium sized girl with a wavy fleece gold colored coat, beautifully expressive eyes and a high ear set. We expect loving and happy puppies from her in 2017!