Nestlewood Cirque du Soleil ALAA-036150

SoleilPicMonkey Collage2Soleil is pure joy! From the time she was a very young puppy, we knew she was the one to carry on her mother Emma’s legacy. So much like Emma, we sometimes mix them up. Soleil is a happy girl who is very loving and affectionate. She has soulful eyes that gaze into you while she cuddles on your lap. But when she is not cuddling, she is chasing chipmunks in our backyard, or jumping rock walls and exploring our yard with her doggie pals. Soleil gets along with everyone and is very social, smart, easy going and agile. Her coat is the color of Emma’s and is silky, like her daddy, Ocean States Tom Sawyer. We look forward to Soleil’s puppies in 2015 as we know they will be loving and fun just like she is!