Tango Wool Chariots of Fire “Elijah” ALAA-041179

We are so thankful to Marci at Tango Wool Labradoodles for our new stud Chariots of Fire, who we call Elijah or Eli. Eli is an Australian Labradoodle who also has new American lines with generations of excellent health testing behind him. Eli has perfect conformation and a big blocky head and gorgeous eyes that look right into you. He is super sweet, smart and friendly and loves all dogs, kids and really anyone! He is gentle, easy going and loves to cuddle and thinks he is a lap dog even though he is 21″ and 45 lbs. He has a lovely cream wavy fleece coat and wonderful movement and a perfect saber tail. He has completed several training classes and passed all of his health testing with flying colors. We love Eli and so does his guardian family! We are very excited to see the puppies that Eli produces with our girls. EliCollage