Spring Creek’s Morning Java ALAA-038715

Java comes to us from Spring Creek Labradoodles in Oregon. A big thank you to Rochelle Woods for this wonderful American labradoodle girl that we adore. Java lived with us for 5 months before she went to her guardian home and quickly became a favorite. She is loving and intuitive with soulful eyes and a keen understanding of her humans. Java is sweet and loving and friendly to all, but in an understated way. She wags her tail and rolls over for belly rubs but is also quite agile and athletic and loves chasing a ball. Java is 30lbs and 17″ to the shoulder and has a beautiful chocolate fleece coat with a slight wave, that is slowly changing to lavender. Java lives in a wonderful guardian home and goes to work every day with her guardian. On her office website, Java has her own profile picture with the job description of Chief Happiness Officer! Java has passed her health testing and we look forward to her puppies in 2016.

PicMonkeySpringCreek'sMorningJava Collage